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Spring 2020

FROM THE MAYOR’S DESK…Rosario Presti, Jr.

While it has been a while since we have had an opportunity to generate a newsletter, my thought was to try an “On-Line” version so we can resume regular communication on a more frequent basis.  I am attempting to take on this task without the benefit of any “fancy packaging,” so I will try to keep within the basics…especially for those of our newer residents, and provide updates, general information and Village-related happenings…so here we go….


I hope this newsletter finds all our residents well and getting ready to get back to “normal” (or close to it) as we continue to meet the challenges and demands the COVID-19 pandemic has presented to us.  While “normal” will be a relative term post-COVID-19, perhaps “a routine” will be the better description of what we all will be returning to…eventually.

Due to the ongoing precautions in connection with limiting large gatherings, until further notice, the Village will be conducting all meetings, including our land use boards, via the Zoom platform.  The Zoom ID, etc. is available on the website…thank you for your continued understanding…we may even keep this platform for our Village Board meetings once we are “back to normal.”

The Village continues to review the surveys our residents, and non-residents, completed in connection with the Comprehensive Plan process which began at the end of 2019.  Our Planners administering the process estimate a final product, i.e. “Comp Plan,” at the end of 2020, or early 2021.  We thank everyone who completed the survey for their interest and commitment to Chestnut Ridge.  This commitment is welcomed and encouraged as we move forward in charting the future course for our Village…as a community.

Construction to replace the Hungry Hollow Road bridge is scheduled to begin May 26th, please be prepared to make arrangements for alternate routes.  There will be signage and temporary traffic controls in the area, so plan accordingly…and as they say…the inconvenience is temporary, but the improvement is permanent…hopefully!

The Village is continuing with our road paving schedule.  If you live on a street to be paved, you will be provided with advance notice…and hopefully will not be too inconvenienced.


We welcome the following newest additions to our Chestnut Ridge team:

  • Chaim Rose – Trustee
  • Abraham Grunfeld – Member, Architectural Review Board
  • Joseph Wiener – Alternate Member, Zoning Board
  • Lori O’Keefe – Secretary, Building Department


Due to the ongoing and unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a strong possibility the Village will not be holding our annual picnic in September.  While there will be disappointment if we do not have our much anticipated picnic, rest assured, when we return in 2021, the event will be just as great in 2021 for all our residents to enjoy…will keep you posted. 

Please remember to bring in your trash/recycling cans after pick-up…keeps the neighborhood looking neat and tidy!

If you have a storm drain near your home, please do not forget to keep it free of leaves, yard waste and other debris…it will avoid the potential of stormwater overflowing and causing flood hazards.

Please be sure you are parking at least 20 feet from any crosswalk…30 feet from any street corner/intersection…need to maintain that line-of-sight…it is a good safety practice…and it is the law….

With the nice weather upon us, please make sure the little ones, and your bigger ones too, exercise caution while playing outside…riding, walking, “hovering” is fun…but be careful in the roadway.

Reminder to complete your census form…it is important to be counted!

Please make sure the Village has your email and preferred phone contact so we are able to contact you with Village announcements, etc…you can also visit the Village website,, to provide us with your contact information and find additional information for trash/recycling schedules/regulations, meeting  dates/times and other Village happenings.      

Quick Reference Contacts:

Village Hall: 845/425-2805

Building Department: 845/425-8283 or 845/425-7950

Justice Court: 845/425-3108 or 845/425-7913


Zoom ID: 756-079-8481

Zoom Phone: 646/568-7788


Planning Board – First Thursday of every month – 8 p.m.

Zoning Board – Third Monday of every month – 8 p.m.

Village Board – Third Thursday of every month – 8 p.m.

Architectural Review Board – Fourth Wednesday of every month – 7 p.m.

Justice Court (when back in session) – 2nd, 3rd, 4th Wednesday of every month – 6 p.m.

[Note: Check the website for current status/changes]


Our first responders, essential workers…all those on the “front line” keeping us safe, sane and fed….

Stay well and stay safe….

Rosario Presti, Jr., Mayor

Grant Valentine, Deputy Mayor     Richard Miller, Trustee

Chaim Rose, Trustee     Paul Van Alstyne, Trustee

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