Village Quality of Life Tips

Traffic Safety:  In the spirit of safety and awareness, our residents are reminded to comply with the speed limits posted throughout the Village. It would also be helpful if you are able to pass along the need for traffic safety to those who are transporting family members and friends on your behalf.  We also need to be aware of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic…by day for all those pedestrians active near our roadways and at night, making sure if walking, staying single file, close to the cub and using reflectors/lighting.  Additionally, it would be appreciated by your neighbors to keep the utilization of vehicle horns at a minimum.  

Property Maintenance:  Pride in home ownership is to be applauded.  We all moved into our Village because of the beauty and quality of life; accordingly, we all need to make our best efforts to continue to keep our respective neighborhoods well-kept and safe…if you need help with landscaping, repairs, etc., maybe your neighbor can assist with a good referral.

Lighting:  We all understand the need to feel safe and with super-efficient outside lighting, lights are getting brighter.  Please be aware your efficient lighting may be “spilling over” and affecting your neighbors’ homes and creating unwanted additional lighting for them…perhaps minimizing wattage &/or utilizing light shielding accessories would be helpful.

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