Village Documents, Forms & Applications

All documents are in PDF format.  To download any of these documents, right click and select “save target as”, or simply open the document by clicking the link.

Village Fee Schedule

Records Request Form (FOIL)


Building Department Forms:

Please note  No Applications for Building Permits or Certificates will be accepted after 3:30 PM

Building Permits:

Building Permit Application

Affidavit of Ownership

Application for a Certificate of Use

Homeowner Waiver Affidavit

Affidavit of Final Cost of Construction

Final Plot Plan Checklist

Construction Standards

Sign Permit Application


Code Enforcement:

Code Enforcement Complaint

Rental Registration Application

Affidavit Rental Registration


Fire Safety:

Burn Permit


Planning/Zoning Department forms

Please note  No Applications Village Land Use Boards will be accepted after 3:30 PM.


Planning Board:

Public Hearing Instructions

Community Design Review Committee (CDRC)/Informal Application.

Planning Board Application Instructions

Planning Board Application

Affidavit of Posting-Planning Board

Affidavit of Notification-Planning Board

Certificate of Resolution – to accompany all Planning/Zoning Applications

Environmental Assessment Form-Long

Environmental Assessment Form-Short

Engineer’s Cost Estimate – to accompany Final Site Plan Application

Site Plan Rules & Regulations

Subdivision Rules & Regulations


Zoning Board of Appeals:

Zoning Board of Appeals Instructions

Zoning Board of Appeals Application

Affidavit of Posting-Zoning Board of Appeals

Affidavit of Notification-Zoning Board of Appeals

Architectural Review Board:

Architectural Review Board Application – ARB

Affidavit of Notification – ARB

Affidavit of Posting – ARB


Village Clerk forms:

Records request form (FOIL)

Village Board Application

Road Opening Permit Application

Film Permit Application

Peddlers Permit

Temporary Sign Permit Application

Designation of a Property Agent

Parades, Processions & Special Events Permit

Absentee Ballot Request Form

Village Election Absentee Ballot Request Form

Application for Copy of Death Record


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