Comprehensive Plan

The Village will be continuing the Comprehensive Plan process begun with Red Schoolhouse Corridor Study  last year.  The Comprehensive Plan Committee will be overseeing the process in the coming year.  The Committee is comprised of the following:  Rosario Presti, Jr., Mayor;  Grant Valentine, Deputy Mayor; Trustees Richard Miller & Paul Van Alstyne;   Allan Rubin, Chairman of the Planning Board; Steve Liebman, Chairman Zoning Board of Appeals;  Chaim Rose, Member of the Architectural Review Board;  and Jerry Liebelson; At Large Chestnut Ridge Resident.  The Committee will be working with the firm Nelson, Pope & Voorhis on compiling the necessary data to help develop the Plan.  In addition to Committee Meetings there will be public meetings for residents to share their ideas and concerns, as was done during the Red Schoolhouse Corridor process.  We will be posting updates and information on this page as the process progresses throughout the year.

Red Schoolhouse Rd Traffic Study



October 14, 2020 Public Scoping Session

DGEIS Scoping Session Power Point Presentation

Environmental Notice Bullietin

Public Scoping Notice


FEAF Parts 1, 2 & 3

October 14 2020 Draft Comprehensive Plan

1.  Draft Comprehensive Plan

2.  Demographics

3.  Comprehensive Plan Maps-Inventory

4.  Comprehensive Plan Maps-Land Use Plan

Zoom Link to Comprehensive Plan Meeting

Comprehensive Plan Survey Results


Comprehensive Plan Committee Meeting Minutes:

Minutes November 13, 2019 CP Committee Meeting

Draft Minutes of December 11, 2019 CP Committee Meeting

January 8, 2020 Visioning Session, Dot Voting Results

Minutes for March 11 CP Committee Meeting

Minutes for the June 10, 2020 CP Committee Meeting

Minutes for July 8 2020 CP Committee Meeting

Red Schoolhouse Corridor Visioning Session, October 30, 2017




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